Because there are so many different names for things in the US and UK, I thought it might be valuable to have a mini translation service.  If you see a phrase on my blog you don’t recognize, there should be a definition or the equivalent term in the vernacular of the USA or UK.

  1. Aye: Yes, general agreement. I mean, I live in Scotland, this needed to be first.
  2. Bairn: Baby or small child.
  3. Wee: Small   ‘Wee bairn’ is not an uncommon phrase
  4. Bicarbonate of Sod: Baking Soda
  5. Courgette: Zucchini
  6. Coriander: Cilantro
  7. Pants (US): Trousers  (UK)  Whenever I say pants, I mean trousers, for the record.
  8. Pants (UK): Underwear (US)
  9. Dreich: cold, overcast, dampness.  Generally unpleasant weather that I’ve only seen in Scotland.
  10. Ceilidh: A Scottish dance party.  Truly, one of my favorite activities.
  11. Pavement: Sidewalk
  12. Pram: Stroller
  13. Weegie: from “Glaswegian,” a person who lives in Glasgow or like someone in Glasgow.
  14. Manky: gross, dirty. Not a term I would generally use, but it’s SO DESCRIPTIVE.

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