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Getting Back in the Swing of Things

3 Feb

Now that I’ve been back in the UK for nearly a month, I’ve finally started to get used to being far away from home.  It has taken a bit longer to settle in this time due to the knowledge that I would be here longer than I’ve ever ben away from home before.

That being said, I’ve been doing a lot of work recently, hence the lack of blogging.  I probably should make it a weekly thing at the very least if I ever intend on getting good at this.  I’ve been spending my spare time baking (obviously) and walking about Glasgow as it’s actually not been terribly cold here (unlike the rest of the UK in the past weeks) and catching up on New Girl.  Among my latest attempts are banana bread and brownies.  Tonight made this recipe for zucchini and ricotta galette. It looked like a ton of work, but it was surprisingly easy.  Making my own pastry is always nerve-racking, and takes FOREVER when you don’t have a food processor, hand mixer, or hand blender, but is rewarding when it’s as good as this pastry is.  This idea of a galette has definitely become a new favorite and I intend to do many in the future, hopefully that turn out as well, (If I’m in a hurry I can always buy premade, even though it’s a food blogger no-no since I don’t really count as a food blogger, right?)

Does anybody out there have  a recipe I should try or a food blog that I need to follow?  I’m in need of inspiration for the week.