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Post Thanksgiving Semi-Madness

25 Nov

After a failure to update the blog on Friday, as promised (whoops), I’m finally doing it today!  Yay!

Basically, dinner was a rousing success.  Despite cold green bean casserole, slow sweet potatoes, and slightly undercooked chicken, everyone walked away happy.  My pumpkin pie was amazing, if I do say so myself, although the ice cream was a bit melty.  Goals for next year: cook with an oven that has visible heat markings and use a freezer that oh, freezes things.

Friday, Matthew used the left over chicken carcasses to make a chicken lentil soup, which was AMAZING.  Tonight, we’re going at the last of the broth for lentil vegetable soup, which he is again cooking.  Since Thanksgiving, where I did literally all of the cooking, I’ve done very few dishes and even less cooking.  It’s great!

Yesterday, I popped over to Edinburgh for the day to meet up with a fellow Gamma Phi who is doing an MLitt at St. Andrews! It was so great to get to meet with whom I share a lot of common college experiences (although we went to different universities) who is also in Scotland!

In other news, Christmas in in one month!!!! I have so much shopping left to do!!