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Pancakes and Disability Theory

13 Feb

Yesterday was certainly not the most exciting day of being a grad student I’ve ever had.  The weather was less than pleasant, despite my weather app’s indication that it would be sunny (lying rat), so I spent the day filing online job applications and reading a book for my thesis, Representing Autism by Stuart Murray, one of the few scholars I’ve been able to find invested in autism’s representation in fictional media.  As interesting and helpful as this book is, it is almost certainly not as enjoyable as, say, Terrorist by John Updike, which is currently sitting on my shelf, calling my name.  Murray’s book has, however, inspired some new thoughts for my thesis in addition to providing me with countless opportunities to thank heaven that someone else has worked on this topic and demonstrated eloquently the large number of reasons it is important to research.

On a more delicious note, yesterday was also Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday for those not in the know).  For whatever reason (I’m assuming it has to do with celebration before the giving up of things on Lent), the Brits have decided that it is a day to eat pancakes.  I am wholeheartedly embracing this.  Matthew volunteered to make them, scoffing at the idea of my American buttermilk variety.  His were lovely, although I am still partial to buttermilk- especially those made by my former roommate and good friend Emily, which are AMAZING.

On that note of delicious foods, we’re off to see a movie on this snowy turned rainy Wednesday.  I know I’m going to really enjoy it once I”m in the theater, but freezing rain is a bit daunting…  Enjoy your day!