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City Spotlight: San Diego, California

12 Oct

From SanDiego.com- I’m clearly not this talented

While I was home, I got to explore the city of San Diego with Matthew. When I got back to the UK, the experience of going somewhere unfamiliar and wishing I knew it a little better inspired me to do a [hopefully] monthly series of posts focusing on cities I’ve visited and loved.  I hope I shine a light on a new place you one day get to visit!

Although I grew up in California, I hadn’t been to San Diego since I was 5, so it felt like a whole new place to [nearly] grown up Leigh.  It’s a lovely city with a very laid back vibe, which was unexpected based on the stress of my drive and experiences living in LA!  San Diego has a large military presence, which gave me the most patriotic feeling I had had in a very long time.  I highly recommend the Embarcadero, where the USS Midway is docked as a floating maritime museum, complete with aircraft from various US conflicts.  The Embarcadero has oceanside views (see the following photo) and an assortment of characters from active duty military, to British tourists (ahem), to locals walking their dogs.  Nearby is Seaport Village, a cute assortment of shops and small restaurants also on the water.



The Gaslamp Quarter, near the San Diego Convention Center, simply comes alive at night.  The area is filled with small shops and wonderful restaurants and bars that attract people of all ages.

Nearby is the lovely Balboa Park.  If you have kids (or not!), these are wonderful places to be.  Balboa Park has museums and performing arts, not to mention the famous San Diego Zoo.  While Matthew and I didn’t get to spend much time in the park itself, we did get to go to the zoo!  Although it was wicked hot, the highlight of being in San Diego for me was getting to watch the baby panda nurse in the middle of the day, a rare occurrence- pandas usually only allow their cubs to eat at night.  I didn’t get any blog-worthy photos of it, so instead I leave you with pleased and displeased alpacas, creatures I will forever find highly amusing.    

Sarcastic Alpaca at SD Zoo

Sarcastic Alpaca at SD Zoo

Get yourself to San Diego- a Californian gem. (Maybe just wait until the government reopens…)