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Bonfire Night

5 Nov

Remember, remember the 5th of November…

What am I remembering?  Right, the night a traitorous bunch of Brits were caught trying to kill the King in Parliament by blowing up the building with 36 barrels of gun powder.  Guy Fawkes, whose name is frequently associated with the day, was found in the basement of Parliament with the offending barrels, tortured, and executed in 1605.  Now, 400 years later, the effigy of the rat is still burned annually in celebration of the safety of the monarch and strength of the nation.  Also to set pretty fires and have firework shows.  I like to think that the tradition was kept on as a copy of Independence Day, but I might be a bit biased by my nation of origin.  Regardless, if you want a better idea of the holiday than my brief summary, here is a website dedicated to the history of Guy Fawkes.

The boyfriend and I were planning a trip to the University of Glasgow library (it’s 12 stories of ugly from the outside, but gives a great view of the city from the top floor) to watch what the city puts out.  There is a big show at Glasgow Green, but we thought it was a little too cold (see this website’s opinion by typing in Glasgow, UK- be prepared for profanity- or this link for a G rated forecast) to stand outside with lots of strangers 35 minutes walk away from our part of the city.  Instead we sat in a window seat at home and watched a ton of West Enders shoot off fireworks.  One, in fact, just went off really close to my window making me leap a bit out of my chair… So pretty! I leave you with an image better than what our neighbors are shooting up.