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Missing the Sun

15 Nov

My Specific Hill

Sitting here in the semidarkness of 4:20 p.m., consuming three of my four weaknesses (peanut butter, chocolate, coffee-missing cheese), I am missing the sun terribly.  Today was a dreich day  (Scots meaning overcast, drizzly, damp and generally unpleasant) if I’ve ever seen one.  On my way to the supermarket this morning, I got wet enough to use my umbrella in this odd rain-like mist and the rest of the day didn’t yield much else.  If I remember correctly, the last time I saw the sun was a short period Monday afternoon.  I won’t see it again, if I’m lucky, until Saturday.  Rude. On a day like today, I could use a heavy dose of LA sunshine, an iced coffee, and a nice grassy hill to spend the afternoon on.  Soon enough I suppose…  Back to the Golden State in just under a month to visit the family for Christmas!

In the mean time, I’m doing research currently on educational inclusion for my MPhil thesis/dissertation (I’m never really sure which is more appropriate since they basically mean the same thing).  It’s a topic that I’m hoping to be able to apply to my research on representation on autism in the media.  Here’s to hoping I find something helpful!  (Suggestions on where to look would be great!)