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Pumpkin Bread

18 Jan

Not only has it not snowed today, it’s actually sunny.  This afternoon promises a long walk through the Glasgow Botanic Gardens with Matthew and a cold nose.  I’m excited to bundle up and go out.

As noted in last night’s post, pumpkin bread was in my near future.  I spent the early afternoon baking (and making a mess) in my sunlit kitchen.  While I may have mentioned that my kitchen is tiny (at least by my standards, although certainly not by New York apartment standards), I may not have mentioned that it has a window that is nearly floor to ceiling.  Typically, this makes the room cold and not terribly bright, as it is Glasgow in January (or October or November or December as the case may be).  But today it was calling my name as place to enjoy the sun, but stay relatively warm in the heat of my oven.

The bread turned out wonderfully. I made the first batch without walnuts and it was half eaten before I could take a picture, so I’m posting the one from simply recipes instead.    Tomorrow, the plan is to make a second loaf with the other half of the pumpkin can and walnuts.  I wanted to do it tonight, but I’ve run out of flour and am super low on olive oil.  I’ll post the recipe, the tweaks I’ve made, and my own photos tomorrow, assuming I can keep Matthew away from the finished product long enough.

Mmmm… Pumpkin Bread


Beginning Again

17 Jan

Happy New Year!

After a ridiculously long hiatus, I’m back!  The last month and a half has been very busy and filled with the strangest holidays I have ever had.  Although I spent the vast majority of my break with my family, I managed to see most of my best friends (in addition to most of the state of California- from LA to San Francisco).

I’m now back in Glasgow trying to get back into the swing of being chilly.  I’ve come equipped with foot warmers and those wonderful fleece wellington liners for warmer feet and some new sweaters.  It was 2 degrees today (35 for those of you on Fahrenheit) and I’m embracing it. Tomorrow is supposed to be 2 again with a chance of snow.  I’ve spent enough time outside recently to appreciate the cold and relative clear, but I am not planning on being out much this weekend.  I’m tucking in for some serious Skype sessions and working on my thesis up the wazoo.  I have a plan now, which is SO exciting.  I’m definitely ready to start on a more productive and procedured journey.  I have about 9 months to finish my research.  Only 22 films, 23 novels, and numerous television shows to go.  In addition to at least one critical book on my subject, one master’s thesis, and heaven only knows how many articles.

All of this makes me want to bake.  My boyfriend’s mother bought me a loaf pan for Christmas; thus, pumpkin bread is in my future.  Now to find a suitable recipe…