One of the many things that I find fun about any city is eating, especially in a cold, damp part of the world.  Here is my brief, but frequently updated, guide to eating in this rainy city.


The Artisan Roast on Gibson St. has the best coffee I’ve come across in the city.  Not only do they make a mean latte, but their soup is also great!  The hipster-esque environment makes the shop cozy and quiet, but busy enough to enable long afternoon chats.  They also have a supply of board games that enliven any hang out session.

I haven’t found a place that meets my high standards for baked goods yet, but I hope I will!  Marks and Spenser and Waitrose do a decent job for supermarkets, but I’m holding out for a real bakery.  Somebody knock my socks off!


This segment literally only exists because of a surprising place on Byers Road called Taco Mazama that doesn’t have horrible burritos.  If you are a Californian or generally a Mexican food lover, it’s a place to get a fix, albeit in a strange environment.


Where do I start?  Glasgow (and, if you ask me, especially the West End) has really great evening dining locations. I leave you with the best.

Mother India.  Hands down, the best Indian food I have ever eaten.  Ever.  I die a little thinking about how good it is.  And everything is good.  Even lamb (which I almost always find to be too greasy or weirdly spicy).

The Left Bank is also great.  They do a little bit of everything, from curry to mussels in a really wonderful white wine sauce, and rarely fail.  It’s trendy, but not obnoxious and relatively well priced.  It’s a favorite of Matthew’s and mine.

Bo’Vine is the place to go for steaks! It has a lovely atmosphere, although I found myself missing the charm of my favorite steakhouse of all time while eating my rib eye.  Where, I thought to myself, were the taxidermied deer heads? The iron work coaches? The loud group of ill informed gentlemen spouting their views on education and our president? The answer: not here.  Far from what I think of as a steakhouse in California, with their traditional kitsch and lovely wait staff, this restaurant is classy, if a bit impersonal.  The food was great (although not as good as a good steak off of a red oak BBQ pit), the restaurant quiet, and the location close to my little flat.


The Curler’s Rest on Byres Road is one of my favorite pubs.  They have a fireplace, two stories, and lots of seating.  Drinks are average prices and tasty- they have one of my favorite hard apple ciders.  It’s typically pretty quite (except Friday and Saturday nights, when no place in the West End is) and the crowd varies in age from about 20 to 35.  Generally, it is pleasant, warm, and unpretentious.

Consider this a baked good challenge, Glasgow.

Consider this a baked good challenge, Glasgow.


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