Five Things I Learned About Driving in LA

31 Mar

Driving in LA is a whole new world of controlling a car.

And after my recent thoughts on visiting the lovely city of Los Angeles, here are some things I learned while living in the city.

1. If you haven’t driven in LA, you don’t know what traffic is.

But seriously

It’s taken me an hour to go a mile and a half. No exaggeration.

2. At some point, traffic will make you want to cry.

Or if you’re me, actually cry.

3. Road Rage is real.

There have been incomprehensible strings of words coming out of my mouth due to anger about someone cutting me off. I swear I’m a nice person, but it truly drives you mad. THEN THERE ARE THE OTHER PEOPLE. So many horrible gestures…

4. Turn signals are for the weak (or, you know, drivers who actually know what they’re doing).

I always use my turn signals, because I don’t want to cause an accident. BUT there are lots of people who feel that they are unnecessary/a sign of weakness.

5. Your car is your best friend.


It takes you places, it doesn’t talk back, it plays your favorite music. What’s not to love?


One Response to “Five Things I Learned About Driving in LA”

  1. Ma March 31, 2014 at 10:46 pm #

    Um, turn signals ARE a sign of weakness on LA freeways. It’s a known fact.

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