30 Aug

I’m anticipating that at some point this blog will have a post dedicated to all of the great loves of my life. Some I’ve certainly already discussed, chocolate being the most prominent, and some lay as of yet uncovered.  On of the things high up on my list currently is coffee.  I find that my morning isn’t quite right without it anymore.  It provides time to take in the day and think or just laze about in one’s pajamas because you’re not done with your coffee yet.

I started using a french press, in the UK the much fancier sounding cafetiere,  in college and have become a believer.  I’m not enough of a coffee aficionado to tell you why I like it, but coffee just always seems, well, better.

French Press

AND it has a bunch of positive health effects, is lo cal (even with milk!), and a wonderful social beverage that has fewer drawbacks then, say, gin.  In a country where it’s cool and often cloudy, nothing puts a smile on my face like a good friend (or Matthew!) and a lovely cup of joe.

Good to the last drop

Do your morning rituals normally include coffee?  Have any recommended brands (either in the UK or the US)?


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