22 Jul

Clearly I ended up taking a month off, albeit completely unplanned.  I’d like to promise that it will never happen again, but let’s be honest, I’m doing an MPhil and working and trying to entertain friends (and a wonderful dog for a couple of days) and actually take a breather and watch some quality films.

Not exactly blogging weather

Not exactly blogging weather

It’s been lovely here (still! it’s like a summer miracle that Glasgow has been nicer than home in California!) so I’ve been spending a lot of time outside.

I’ve baked two batches of peanut butter brownies in a month as parting food. If you haven’t tried these yet, seriously, you must because they are perhaps the best baked good ever and I can take no credit for anything about them other than being able to exactly, faithfully replicate a recipe.

That and working like mad both on a thesis and at a job, blogging things have not exactly been on my mind.  I promise, though, that I’ll be better AND that I’ll have rolled out a recipe for something amazing (think cookies) by the beginning of next week.

In news related to my country of residence, THE DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE IS IN LABOR!! Get excited.  I know I am.


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