A Taste of Summer (and France!)

7 May

Glasgow had a sudden heat snap today, though it seems as if it will be nothing more than a memory tomorrow.  I’m planning on getting up early and going for a run- an attempt to get back into some semblance of shape for the summer.  Nothing says “attractive” at the beach like eating too much all winter to stay warm.

French cooking

French Cooking

Today was a “life is short, eat dessert first” kind of day.  When Matthew and I got home from our respective universities, we went for a lovely walk down by the river, Snickers ice cream bars in hand.  We intended to only be gone like 20 minutes, but we didn’t end up getting home until almost 8! By this time, I had to make dinner, although I thrown together a lovely fruit salad before we left.  Fortunately for me, I had a meal plan for the evening: Cod, Coriander, Tomato, and Garlic Parcels.  On this extended walk, we picked up a baguette, so it became a wonderfully French meal. The recipe I used is out of Daniel Galmiche’s wonderful cookbook French Brasserie Cookbook: The Heart of French Home Cooking.  Not only was this dish pretty and delicious, it was also SUPER easy.  I’m talking 10 minute prep with no anxiety easy.  I’d dole out the recipe online, but since I didn’t change anything, it feels like I’d be trying to pass it off as my own.  But if you’re ever feeling like cod, I’ll cook it for you!  I highly suggest checking out his website and buying his book.  (No, he’s not paying me. I wish!)

Generally, I have a pretty limited fish repertoire; I wish I had more! Does anyone out there have any good fish recipes?


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