3 Apr

My first love was chocolate.  It is an ever enduring love, growing stronger  through the years.  As I’ve grown older, I’ve branched out and learned to love it in all forms- dark, sometimes white, and especially milk.  I have a hard time turning anything containing chocolate down, which makes Easter very dangerous.  I don’t really want to think about all of the chocolate I’ve eaten in the last 5 days.  In fact, I’m eating half of a Lindt egg after my relatively healthy dinner of chickpea fajitas.  If this had been my only Easter indulgence today, I wouldn’t be at all concerned.  I’m pretty fit, I typically don’t eat a ton of unnecessary junk food, and no diseases linked with food run in my family.  The habits of the past week are embarrassing; I need to start eating less crap.  I do so well at meals, but then, out of the blue, snack attack!  Time to lace up the old running shoes.  Look out West End! I’ll be awkwardly running around you…

With the increase in chocolate consumption, my world has also had an increase in sunshine!  My relatively short Easter break was moderately sunny and today was lovely.  Although it’s definitely still really cold in Glasgow, Spring seems to be on the approach.  There are so many things to look forward to soon!  In the mean time, there are daffodils to enjoy.

Daffodils in the Botanic Gardens

Daffodils in the Botanic Gardens



2 Responses to “Chocolate”

  1. jwdwrites April 12, 2013 at 5:26 pm #

    Amazing that you have daffodils, I live on the south coast of England and ours are still huddled in the ground. Perhaps scottish Daffys are hardier than their southern shandy-drinking counterparts. 🙂


  1. Coffee | An Education in Scotland - August 30, 2013

    […] post dedicated to all of the great loves of my life. Some I’ve certainly already discussed, chocolate being the most prominent, and some lay as of yet uncovered.  On of the things high up on my list […]

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