11 Mar

It something we’re all guilty- me perhaps more than others.  As I sit here writing this blog post, I’m listening to the boyfriend play guitar, thinking about my thesis, drinking tea, eating poppy seed and sesame crackers, doing laundry- I just stopped to hang it- and planning dinner.  I think, typically, my ability to multitask is a demonstration of efficiency.  It drives me a bit barmy (to quote a lovely English friend of mine) that Matthew can’t seem to put his gloves on and tell me a story at the same time.    It definitely gets in the way of finishing things or putting in singular effort; not that I can’t do this, I usually just choose not to.

As I continue my work on autism’s representation in fictional media, I find myself involved in looking at educational inclusion of those with disabilities with hopes to positively correlate representation, perception, and inclusion.  Schools, it seems, are also trying to multitask with our children and are largely failing.  They are trying to implement too many new things at one time without fixing the fundamental issues.  I am pro inclusion where appropriate, but, unfortunately, the system at most schools needs to change in order to effectively education children with and without special educational needs in one place.  It breaks my heart to know that teachers feel overwhelmed by students in their classes with needs they don’t know how to properly address, that parents feel that their children are in the wrong place or not getting the education that student deserves, and that the students themselves are unhappy and/or bullied.  The legislation is in place; now schools need to challenge themselves to live up to it and the government needs to provide the appropriate funds so that they can deliver it.  I have many a rant on the educational system, this is just a small chunk of a new one.

Tonight, when I’ve finished with some work, I’m making enchiladas (recipe courtesy of the amazing Emma).  It is a recipe that multitasks only in that the chicken ones will be using the leftover chicken from the roast Matthew and I had for dinner two nights ago.  He made a lovely soup last night from homemade stock, so tonight is my turn.  These puppies are dangerously good in a country that is nearly devoid of Mexican food.  They really make me hanker for a giant, cheap burrito or chile verde from a local Mexican restaurant.  *drool*  I’d provide a recipe, but since it isn’t mine (or posted on the internet), I’m going to keep it all for myself.


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