8 Mar


Remember how I was singing the praises of the weather?  I’d like to note that it’s been grey and rainy since. But, the daffodils continue to look promising.  It may snow tomorrow and be sunny on Sunday, so the weather appears to be following its traditional Glaswegian pattern of all seasons in as few days/hours as possible.

If it is, in fact, sunny this weekend, it would certainly be fitting as the United States shifts into daylight savings time.  It seems so early to me- there was just a major snow storm on the East Coast.  I associate daylight savings with summer; the second weekend in March (several weeks before Easter) doesn’t feel anything like summer to me.  The United Kingdom has taken a much more acceptable stance (at least to me) and daylight savings, or British Summer Time as it’s called here, doesn’t start until the 31st of this month.  This all means, for those of you in California, I stand only 7 hours ahead of you (and 4 on the East Coast!!) for 3 weeks.  It’s going to be great when we catch up to you though; it’ll be light until at least 7 here by the end of March!  I’m thinking that I could get used to this northern summer thing.  


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