Falling in Love All Over Again

5 Mar

The end of February and beginning of March have, thus far, been stunning here in Glasgow.  The weather is warmer (in the mid to upper 40s F and around 8°C!!), snow drops have appeared, and daffodils are beginning to bud.  Sunset today was at a whopping 6 pm.  It’s not even Spring and I’ve just about fallen head over heels for Scotland again.  We had a low point this winter, but this will be the first Spring I’ve ever really been thankful for and, boy, am I ready.  Bring back those leaves on the trees and days a month of sunshine where I can comfortably take reading for my thesis and sit on a grassy hill!

Matthew and I also had a lovely weekend which included badminton, walks through fields, tree planting, and a small trip to Loch Lomond.  It was so nice to do things out of our normal routine, especially things we both enjoy that are outdoors.  It was a weekend that made me appreciate just how lucky I am to be alive and hang around such a great guy.

There is no substitution for simple happiness.





One Response to “Falling in Love All Over Again”

  1. Mom March 6, 2013 at 1:47 pm #

    True and wise words. Life sounds grand in your part of the world.

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