30 Nov

I am so sick today.  I don’t mean the “I have a really bad cold” kind of sick, but the “I can’t go to a choir concert because I want to do nothing but sleep and huddle in a blanket” sick.  Monday, if I’m still ill, I’m going to the doctor.  Fortunately, I have the most wonderful boyfriend ever who makes me soup and figures out some of my life problems for me.  Alright, I’ve been awake for 5 hours.  It’s time for a nap.  I leave you with something cute that makes me smile.

Cuteness courtesy of cuteoverload!

What I want to be doing


One Response to “Illnesses”

  1. emsarconi December 3, 2012 at 10:47 pm #

    hope you’re feeling better! Love you!

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