Staying Warm and Dry

1 Nov

After a year apart, I’d managed to forget some of my least favorite things about Scotland.  Namely, the three things that I don’t like: it’s cold and it’s wet and it’s grey.  While I may describe Scotland as the greenest place I’ve ever been, it’s also the darkest and dampest.  Today, the sun has been shining on and off since 11.  I’m STOKED that I’ve managed to get in three hours of semi-sunshine because I may not see the sun again until next week.  Rain on the other hand, occurs on the daily.  Hence, both green and grey.  With snow storms possible for this Sunday (yes, snow), the California girl has two things on her mind. 1. SNOW!!! YAY! It’s sooo pretty!! 2. How the heck do I stay warm and dry in snow???  My big plan is to buy a nice pair of rubber wellies and call it a day.  I’ll be able to wear them in the rain and (in theory) the snow.  Here are the ones I’m most interested in…

The classic Hunter wellington in navy. Pricey, but high quality and, for a rubber boot, extremely socially acceptable.

Similar wellies with the prestige of a company that makes shoes for boating. These also come in houdstooth!

With faux-fur lining, these Tretorn wellies are fun and snuggly! (And perhaps more attractive than the Uggs that are already on my feet? You be the judge.)

I don’t know what I would do without  Now to figure out if they ship internationally…


One Response to “Staying Warm and Dry”

  1. emsarconi November 8, 2012 at 1:27 am #

    Those Trentons are SUPER popular in Canada. I would suggest going for a more typical boot though, since you won’t want to wear the snuggly ones when it’s warm and wet outside. 🙂

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