Moved In

19 Oct

After a month of no blog communication, I’m back to blog like crazy.  The last 30 days have been relatively insane, so I’ll try not to bore you with the details and get straight to the big stuff.

I left the US the 27 of September and my life before that was almost entirely dedicated to packing and stress about visas and getting my programme in line appropriately.  I did get to do a lot of catching up with my best friend from childhood (17 years of friendship and counting), Cassidy, which was wonderful.  There is nothing like a good friend to give you faith in yourself and make leaving harder.

Upon arrival in Glasgow, I got to move into my flat.  I use “move in” very loosely here. I put my stuff in my flat, some sheets on the bed, did a quick supermarket run, and crashed.  The time since then has been spent in domestic flurry.  Shopping for new things for the flat and endless cleaning dominated my life.  BUT my cleaning duties are now down to simply the things that I need to do on a regular basis.  It feels like freedom and, almost, like home.

My programme is going well.  My supervisors are really helpful and encouraging.  I love that this project is mine to do what I want with it.  That said, it is also a bit of an adventure to have to do everything on my own.  I’m so used to someone else setting up when things need to be done and how they should be done that having to do it myself is a bit daunting.
The biggest change to my life recently has been getting the internet.  It took so long I was beginning to forget what it looked like!  So thanks to the kind people at the provider, you’ll now get relatively frequent updates of my life!

I leave you with a shot of my front garden. It’s pretty even in the rain.


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